About Me

Dr. Fangwen Yu is a researcher of brain-inspired robotics. His research focuses on brain-inspired navigation in neurorobotics and neuroscience. His career vision is creating brain inspired robots that navigate as humans do intelligently and efficiently for the real world.

He is currently an assistant research fellow in the Center for Brain-Inspired Computing Research (CBICR) and the Department of Precision Instrument at Tsinghua University.

His research models the neural mechanisms in the brain underlying tasks like spatial navigation and spatial memory to develop new brain-inspired general intelligent navigation (BGINav) technologies for brain-inspired general intelligent robots (BGIBot). He has developed the brain-inspired 3D SLAM system - NeuroSLAM and the brain-inspired general place recognition system - NeuroGPR for neurorobots. He is currently working on the NeuroSLAM Project, the NeuroROS Project and the NeuroRobot Project.

Research Interests

Contact Me

Dr. Fangwen Yu ( 余芳文 |fɑ:ŋ vɜ:n ju:| )

Brain Inspired Robotics Lab, CBICR, Tsinghua University
Email: yufangwen[at]tsinghua.edu.cn or fangwen.yu[at]outlook.com

Member of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Technical Committee (TC) on Cognitive Robotics, and Neuro-robotics Systems
Member of Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN) Cognitive Navigation Group
Member of CNS TC on Brain Inspired Intelligence , CCF TC on Intelligent Robotics , and CAAI TC on Embodied Intelligence