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Ph.D Thesis

Fangwen Yu. Brain-Inspired Simultaneous Localization and Mapping System for 3D Environments [D]. Wuhan, China: China University of Geosciences, 2020: 1-218.  (PDF)


Journal Papers

[1] Ziyi Gong, Fangwen Yu*. A Plane-Dependent Model of 3D Grid Cells for Representing both 2D and 3D Spaces under Various Navigation Modes[J]. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 2021. doi: 10.3389/fncom.2021.739515

[2] Liao Wu, Fangwen Yu, Jiaole Wang, Thanh Nho Do. Camera Frame Misalignment in a Teleoperated Eye-in-Hand Robot: Effects and a Simple Correction Method.  Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems, 2021.

[3] Fangwen Yu, Jianga Shang, Youjian Hu and Michael Milford. NeuroSLAM: A Brain inspired SLAM System for 3D Environments. Biological Cybernetics, 2019,113(5-6), 515-545.  (Website, Video)

[4] Fuqiang Gu, Kourosh Khoshelham, Jianga Shang, Fangwen Yu, Zhuo Wei. Robust and Accurate Smartphone-based Step Counting for Indoor Localization[J], IEEE Sensors, 2017.

[5] YAN Jinjin, SHANG Jianga, YU Fangwen,TANG Xinyi,ZHOU Zhiyong. Analysis of Indoor Spatial Structure and Mapping methods for Real-time Localization [J].Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University. 2016,41(8):1079-1086. (In Chinese)

[6]Jianga Shang, Xinyi Tang, Fangwen Yu, Feng Liu.  A Semantics-based Approach of Space Subdivision for Indoor Fine-grained Navigation [J]. Journal of Computational Information Systems, 2015, 11(9): 3419- 3430.

[7] Fangwen Yu, Zhiyong Zhou, Xiaonan Wang, Xiao Zhang, Jianga Shang. An Indoor Navigation Location Model Fused Various of Context For Emergency Evacuation[J]. Application Research of Computers, 2014, 31(4):981-984,1000. (in Chinese)

[8] Zhiyong Zhou, Fangwen Yu, Jianga Shang, Xiao Zhang, Xiaonan Wang. An Indoor Map Visualization Method of the Realtime Location Monitoring System[J]. Science of Surveying and Mapping, 2014. (accepted for publication, in Chinese)

[9] Zhiyong Zhou, Jianga Shang, Fangwen Yu. An Emergency Evacuation Navigation System Based on Indoor Positioning Technology[J]. Application Research of Computers, 2014. (accepted for publication, in Chinese)

[10] Xin Wang, Jianga Shang, Fangwen Yu, Jinjin Yan. Indoor Semantic Location Models for Location-Based Services[J]. International Journal of Smart Home, 2013, 7(4): 127-136.

[11] Bin Ge, Jianga Shang, Fangwen Yu, Xuke Hu, Ao Guo. A Visualization Framework of Real-time Locating System by the Fusion of WebGIS and Web3D Technologies[J]. Computer Applications and Software, 2015, 32(1):68-70,117. (in Chinese)

[12] Xuke Hu, Jianga Shang, Fuqiang Gu, Fangwen Yu, Bin Ge, Ao Guo. Development of Indoor/ Outdoor Seamless Positioning Prototype System Fusing GPS and Wi-Fi[J]. Journal of Chinese Computer Systems, 2014, 35(2): 428-432. (in Chinese)

[13] Jinjin Yan, Jianga Shang, Fangwen Yu, Xin Wang. A Method of Building A 3D Indoor-Oriented Positioning Building Model[J]. Computer Applications and Software, 2013, 30(10):16-20. (in Chinese)

[14] Fangwen Yu, Jianga Shang, Fuqiang Gu, Xuke Hu. Study on Dynamic Positioning Accuracy of Testing Methods and Experiments[J]. Measurement & Control Technology, 2012, 31(1): 16-20. (in Chinese)

[15] Fuqiang Gu, Jianga Shang, Pingyuan Chen, Xuke Hu, Fangwen Yu. Mobile Target Positioning Algorithm Based on Particle Filter[J]. Systems Engineering -Theory& Practice, 2011, 31(S2): 186-190. (in Chinese)

[16] Jianga Shang, Ao Guo, Fuqiang Gu, Xuke Hu, Fangwen Yu. A Real-time Positioning Middleware Combining Multiple Strategies for Improving Positioning Precision[J]. Computer Applications and Software, 2011, 28(12): 44-47. (in Chinese)

[17] Fangwen Yu, Xuke Hu. The New Technology and Application about nanoLOC based CSS[J]. Information & Communications, 2011, (2):10-12. (in Chinese)

[18] Jianga Shang, Fangwen Yu, Fuqiang Gu. The Practice and Exploration on Team Management Model about the Student R&D Team[J] . Outside Reading, (12): 23-24. (in Chinese)


Conferences Papers


[1] Fuqiang Gu, Weicong Sng, Xuke Hu, Fangwen Yu*. EventDrop: Data Augmentation for Event-based Learning[C]. In: 30th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-21), Montreal, 21st -26th August 2021. 

[2] Fuqiang Gu, Kourosh Khoshelham, Jianga Shang, and Fangwen Yu. Sensory Landmarks for Indoor Localization[C]. In: Proceedings of The Fourth International Conference on Ubiquitous Positioning, Indoor Navigation and Location-based Service 2016 (UPINLBS 2016). Shanghai(China). November 3-4, 2016.(Best Paper Award)

[3] Zhiyong Zhou, Fangwen Yu, and Jianga Shang. iGeoNoti: A Fine-grained Indoor Geo-notification System[C]. In: Proceedings of The Fourth International Conference on Ubiquitous Positioning, Indoor Navigation and Location-based Service 2016 (UPINLBS 2016). Shanghai(China). November 3-4, 2016.

[4] Xin Wang, Jianga Shang, Fangwen Yu, Jinjin Yan. Research on Semantic Location Models for Indoor Location-Based Services [A]. In the 4th International Conference Ubiquitous Computing and Multimedia Applications (UCMA), Advanced Science and Technology Letters (ASTL) [C], 2013, 22: 47-52.

[5] Jianga Shang, Xuke Hu, Ao Guo, Fangwen Yu, Bin Ge. Ubiquitous Location Aware Technology and Services Framework in Indoor Space[C]. In the Fifth College GIS Forum, 2014. (Best Paper Award, in Chinese)



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