2019.10.20, Our project received the Innovation Grand Prize (¥300,000) at the final contest of the 2019 INTERNATIONAL COLLEGIATE COMPETITION FOR BRAIN-INSPIRED COMPUTING (ICCBC 2019). For further info, please visit

2019.09.13, Our new paper titled ‘NeuroSLAM: A Brain inspired SLAM System for 3D Environments’ has been accepted for publication in Biological Cybernetics. (Website, Video)

2016.11.3, 与墨尔本大学古富强博士合作的论文“Sensory Landmarks for Indoor Localization”获得UPINLBS2016国际会议唯一一篇Best Paper Award. 并在大会上做了Oral.

2016.10.02, 湖北电视台报道:    (新闻360专题报道,视频第45分钟至48分钟)

2016.09.02, 湖北电视台报道:帮女郎专题报道,视频第29分钟至34分钟)


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