Scholars (This is only part of it)


Research on Brain Inspired Navigation

Michael Milford,  Professor at Queensland University of Technology

Kate Jeffery, Professor at University College London

Nachum Ulanovsky, Professor at Weizmann Institute of Science

May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser, Professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology

John O’Keefe, Professor at University College London

Gordon Wyeth, Professor at Queensland University of Technology

Huajin Tang, Professor at Sichuan University

David Cox, Assistant Professor at Harvard University

Srini Srinivasan, Professor of Queensland Brain Institute at  University of Queensland

Michael Yartsev, Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley


Research on Robot Autonomous Navigation

Andrew Davison, Professor at Imperial College London

Stefan Leutenegger, Assistant Professor at Imperial College London

Paul Newman, Professor at the University of Oxford, Founder of Oxbotica with Prof. Ingmar Posner

Ingmar Posner, Professor at the University of Oxford

John Leonard, Professor at MIT

Davide Scaramuzza, Professor at University of Zurich

Roland Siegwart, Professor at ETH Zurich

Raffaello D’Andrea, Professor at ETH Zurich

Peter Corke, Professor at Queensland University of Technology


Research on Location Model

Sisi Zlatanova, Associate professor at Delft University of Technology

Ki-Joune Li, Professor at Pusan National University

Cyril RAY, Associate Professor at Naval Academy Research Institute (IRENav) in France

Hassan Karimi, Professor at University of Pittsburgh

Stephen C Hirtle, Professor at University of Pittsburgh

Ralf Hartmut Güting, Professor at University of Hagen

Christophe Claramunt, Professor at Naval Academy Research Institute (IRENav) in France

Thomas H. Kolbe, Professor at Technical University of Munich

Markus Schneider, Associate Professor at University of Florida

Jeremy Morley, Professor at University of Nottingham

Stephan Winter, Professor at University of Melbourne

Philippe De Maeyer, Professor at Ghent University

John Krumm, Principal researcher at Microsoft Research

Hua LU, Associate Professor at Aalborg University

Michael Worboys, Professor at University of Greenwich

Robert Harle, Lecturer at University of Cambridge

Imad Afyouni, Assistant professor at Technology Innovation Center, Wadi Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Max J. Egenhofer, Professor at Maine University


Technological Entrepreneur

Sebastian Thrun, Adjunct Professor — Stanford University

Hanme Kim, Co-Founder & Director of Slamcore Limited in UK

Raffaello D’Andrea, Professor at ETH ZurichCo-founder of Kiva Systems (now operating as Amazon Robotics)Founder and Chairman of Verity Studios

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